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Blueberry U-Pick  - Trueman Blueberry Farms

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Wild Blueberries

Wild Blueberries are both delicious and full of healthy anti-oxidants. We harvest wild blueberries from over 100 acres of blueberry fields, and sell fresh-packed blueberries during our harvesting season. Come into the Farm stand between July and September for some blueberries perfect for pies, jams, or healthy snacking!
Raspberry U-Pick - Trueman Blueberry Farms

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Raspberry U-Pick

We have 2 miles of raspberry rows with 6 different varieties, all with their own unique flavour and personality. We start picking mid- July and go until late October weather permitting. Come out and pick some delicious raspberries to enjoy fresh or in your own jam or baking!



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High-Bush Blueberries

High-bush blueberries are delicious and full of health benefits! These are absolutely huge blueberries and you can pick them without getting down on your knees. We have many different varieties with the regular season being between late-July to late-September.
Pumpkin U-Pick - Truemans Farms


Annual Pumpkin Patch

Come out in the Fall season and pick the perfect pumpkin, or pumpkins for you! Whether its for Halloween or Thanksgiving our U-pick pumpkin patch is a blast! Climb aboard our wagon ride and head over to the pumpkin patch!